Completely unique in Norway’s entertainment industry – a rare jewel

Our performance at Edderkoppen Teater on 26 and 27 April was a resounding success and we would like to share a Show de Vida review here on our website.

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«Showet må betegnes som helt unikt i Norges underholdningsbransje – “The show must be described as completely unique in Norway’s entertainment industry – a rare jewel”

– writes Nettavisen and hands out their top rating!
«Showet må betegnes som helt unikt i Norges underholdningsbransje – en liten juvel av de sjeldne»

Exotic entertainment!

On the advertising flyer I have in front of me, Show de Vida promised the following about yesterday’s premiere performance:

“A spectacular show with dance acrobatics, singers, and fire breathers”. When they also promised that we, regardless of age, will experience a magical evening we will remember, something we have never seen in Norway before, well then the expectations are high.

Let me first inform you that my career as a dance critic could have started here and now, but to spare you readers, it is probably better that I consider the overall impression of this show as a regular audience, I am far from a dance expert.

On the promo flyer it was stated as mentioned that we can expect a spectacular show, but it must be said that it is a small “understatement” because this is explosive. We are served a show I have hardly seen before in this country where one dance number is replaced by acrobatics, and then go over to a song number and then to lazers and flame show. One follows the other at a sensationally rapid pace in the roughly hour-long show. This is top-level sports.

Beforehand, I was probably a little skeptical and I thought this could be a bit of a boring affair, a dance show for an hour or so, but that worry you need not have, because this is one of the most entertaining and exotic shows you can experience on a Norwegian stage. Once we are on stage, I think “Edderkoppen Scene” is too small of a place for this completely unique show. A bigger stage would actually give the show the space it deserves. Thus, the Norwegian Opera would be a perfect match for Show de Vida.

Show de Vida is hot, it’s sexy, yes it’s a completely raw show. There is no story, no drama tug, but it is not missed either, because what we are served is pure joy with great entertainment value. What they have spent of time and money on fantastic costumes, sound, lights, rehearsals, scenography and so on, I dare not think of, but to put it that way, this does not happen by itself.

You do not have to be interested in hydra dance to see this show, because it is so much more than dance, it is a party! It is also great art to be able to entertain the audience for over an hour without a dead moment, and Show de Vida did it brilliantly. There were many highlights and as a blasé concert goer, it actually takes a while before I am impressed by the singing performance, but tonight I almost lost my breath from excitement. Not only were we served solid vocal performances by, among others, Lene Kokai, who has just done Flashdance on Chateu Neuf, but in addition, they had flown in America’s Got Talent participant Johnny Manuel from the USA. That guy sings like a god above all gods and gave the hall chills far down their backs in the otherwise steamy warm hall.

Show de Vida was started in 2015 by Sandra Brekke Ugelstad and the show must be described as completely unique in Norway’s entertainment industry – a rare jewel. That we have something as exceptional as Show de Vida in Norway, we should be very grateful for and it is something we Norwegians should embrace and hold onto, and that is best done by going and watching the show. A clear five star performance.