About Show de Vida

Show de Vida delivers shows and performing arts productions, from single performance features to a full evening with after-party. With a broad artist portfolio, consisting of both national and international artists, we can guarantee a verity of high-quality entertainment. We are detail-oriented and quality is our priority, and with broad expertise and experience our team will ensure a quality performance in every part of our service.

Show de Vida is one of Norway's leading suppliers of shows and performing arts for the business world, TV and cultural productions and since 2011 has delivered shows for events both nationally and abroad. With over 200 productions annually, we have performed in arenas such as Oslo spektrum, Globen and Telenor Arena. We have participated in TV productions such as Stjernekamp, ​​Skal vi Danse and Gullfisken.
Quality and innovation is our core focus at Show de Vida. With an innovative and unique art form, we combine performing arts and technology. We are fearless, dare to think outside the box, and have a unique ability to delivery above expectations. A Light show meets dance in a technological innovation. This is performing arts of a new dimension.

"How big would you dream if you knew you couldn't fail"

Show de vida Sandra Ugelstad

Sandra Brekke Ugelstad

CEO & Founder

Show de vida was founded by Sandra Brekke Ugelstad, who is the current CEO. It all started at a Carnival in Rio in 2008 when she participated in the parade. She wanted to bring the joy and energy that the Brazilian samba radiated along with her to Norway.

For many years Sandra traveled with the Samba Ladies and spread the colorful cultural expression across the country. In 2014, she wanted to take it to new heights, and Show de Vida was founded.

With its innovative way of thinking, both organizationally and artistically, Show de Vida has contributed to several newly qualified, talented dancers being able to work with their passion. One of my passions is to create a more sustainable future for performing artists and build jobs within the artistic work field.

Show de Vida will be a reliable partner and advisor for you in the process, together we will be relevant and we are constantly reimagining our vision and image. With the understanding and knowledge of what will be best suited for shows and performing arts for businesses and the corporate sector, we are a natural bridge builder between culture and business.

The combination of different dance styles, from classical expressions to energetic Latin rhythms, is what characterizes Show de Vida. At the same time, we have always had a distinct interest in combining performing arts with technology. Internationally, dance and shows have characterized the largest European cities for a long time. We are proud to be the first and only ones to have presented such productions in Norway.

Christiania Teater Show produksjon

The people behind Show de Vida are hard-working, creative, and passionate problem solvers who take ownership of all our productions.

Our hearts, commitment, and passion for the trade are the key
to our joint success.

The People

Sandra Brekke Ugelstad CEO
Sandra Brekke Ugelstad
Founder & CEO
Marte Enoksen
Project Manager
Sara Barata
Project Manager
Martine Camilla Brænna

principal dancer and Dance Captain

Aliochy Cabodevilla Aragon

principal dancer and Artistic DIRECTOR

Miguel Carrazana Barrizonte

principal dancer and Performance Manager

Louise Hellern Letting

principal dancer and Production Coordinator

Lise Nymoen

dancer and Costume- and logistics Manager


Iris Reder

principal dancer and Concept Developer

Ilona Sawicka Costume designer
Kaja Rode
Main Vocalist
Ilona Sawicka Costume designer
Frida Vaagan Pettersen
Dancer and production coordinator
Ilona Sawicka Costume designer
Maren Hjertø
Dancer and Social planner
Ilona Sawicka Costume designer
Ilona Sawicka
Costume Designer
Olve Flakne
Guitarist and musical manager