Relive the glam of the 20's

Ruffle dresses, silk gloves, feather ornaments and charleston music. The glamor of the twenties is recreated and re-lived, join us for a journey back in time.

A Gatsby-style party night includes a costume party for all guests, with  lavish surroundings and luxurious  details: chandeliers hanging from the ceiling flanked by aerial acrobats serving champagne upside down, flying dancers shrouded in clouds of smoke, cheerful dance rhythms and brass band classics.

The energetic Charleston dancers raise the mood with fiery show performances and ask the audience to join the party, building on motto fo the evening: a little party never killed nobody!

Show de Vida provide dancers and entertainment to all your events

  • Dancers and hostesses for your event
  • Full evening events with concepts for shows and entertainment
  • Team building activities with dance
  • "Get the party started" with dance
  • «Show de Vida's dance crew»
  • Custom made dance and entertainment concepts tailored by customers request