Digital shows that makes you move!

Say hello to our new digital concept: Smove! Entertainment and activity in one!
If your customers  are still holding back on live performances or you find  a digital solution is preferred, then we recommend trying our brand new concept: Smove - Show, and movement in one. Smove gives you movement, energy, experience and a good mood!

Smove is a combination of show and movement. First, your attention is captured by lively rhythms and shows of a high energy level, then it's your turn to shake loose and have fun!

Long, sedentary online meetings are demanding for both body and soul. Moving around is perhaps more important than ever now with poorer home offices and a lot of sitting.
It has been proven that physical activity has a positive effect on mood and the ability to concentrate throughout the day. This is because the body releases happiness hormones such as serotonin and endorphins that give you lots of new energy.

A skilled and inspiring instructor from Show de Vida will appear on your screen with simple and fun dance moves to catchy music you can easily follow. Now all you have to do is let loose and shake it up in your home office!

Our digital services are delivered with a high degree of enthusiasm and intensity are guaranteed to give:

  • Joy and commitment
  • Prevention of back and neck ailments
  • Improved energy to continue working with renewed strength
  • Increased ability to concentrate
  • Contributes to increased profitability in your company with a real energy boost from us in Show de Vida!